School Teachers’ Pay

This month, September 2013, will be the last time annual pay increments are awarded to teachers in England and Wales based solely on the length of their service. From now on, decisions on teachers’ pay progression will be linked to their performance, with their first annual performance-related pay increases being made in September 2014.

According to the Department of Education, the new arrangements provide increased flexibility for schools to develop pay policies that are tailored to their particular needs. It will now be up to each school to decide for itself how to implement the changes and to develop policies accordingly. Schools will have to review their current appraisal policies and may need to review them, to better link performance and pay. Schools are now free to withhold progression pay without any requirement to initiate or consider capability proceedings.

These changes put a major responsibility onto the School Leaders and Governing Bodies. Although the first payments under this new scheme are a year away, the planning of new policies and the link to performance appraisal really need to start now.

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