Salary & Benefit Benchmarking

Ashworth Black are very experienced at conducting effective salary & benefit benchmarking. We cover organisations in all sectors. We use a variety of recognised salary surveys and other data sources, including bespoke surveys.

Salary & Benefit Benchmarking

Salary & benefit benchmarking is comparing your organisation’s salaries against the market rates. This allows us to see how competitive you are within the marketplace. We compare the salaries and benefits offered against similar types of job in other organisations. We compare like-with-like using factors such as geographic location, job roles, organisation size and sector.

The most accurate salary benchmarking analyses each role. This involves comparing it against the most closely matched job profile rather than relying on job titles. The same titles can be used for widely differing duties and responsibilities.

Benefits, terms and conditions and any other part of the total reward package can also be benchmarked against the market. Additionally, we compare against competitors or specific organisations.

A salary benchmarking report shows where your company sits in the market and how competitive it is. The information can be used to calculate realistic pay rises. Similarly, it can justify any changes the market dictates.

Many organisations need accurate and up-to-date market information to present to the salary team. This enables them to justify any pay and reward recommendations.  Ashworth Black regularly produce reports for this purpose and have attended many committee meeting to present the information.

Ashworth Black have trained many HR professionals to carry out effective benchmarking exercises. We are both experienced and accomplished in this field.


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