Equal Pay

As Pay and Reward Specialists our Consultants are passionate about ensuring equal pay. The topic hit the headlines on 11th August.

Find out what Lorna Ashworth, Managing Director, Ashworth Black had to say about equal pay by clicking on the link to the article below:

Scotsman – 10000 Scots turn to tribunals in attempt to achieve fair pay

Ashworth Black featured in SME Focus

Find out more about Ashworth Black’s Managing Director, Lorna Ashworth and why she set up Ashworth Black by clicking on the link below to a recent article published in The Herald.

The Herald – www.heraldscotland.com/…/naval-reserve-role-led-scientist-to-…

The Perfect Cocktail – latest publication by Lorna Ashworth

Having been involved in a large number of pay reviews across many industries I have seen a tendency to base pay on intuition rather than on solid science, backed by market data.

The dangers of companies getting their pay structures wrong are not limited to paying too much to keep their business running, or the negative impact an unfair or inconsistent pay structure can have on the workforce and therefore the business’s objectives but in a world of equal pay legislation, legal action by workers can involve a company in many hours of unnecessary, time consuming and expensive litigation. Adverse Employment Tribunal decisions can go beyond an individual case and encourage other employees to follow suit. In addition, such decisions can significantly damage a company’s hard-earned reputation.

Designing an effective and robust pay system involves a rigorous and logical process that must include certain key elements.

I have therefore written a short booklet which suggests that this process can be viewed as analogous to creating a cocktail (which may of course be non-alcoholic!) by mixing together a number of different ingredients to produce an attractive, balanced and satisfying product.

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