Equal Pay and Job Evaluation

Equal Pay claims happen without an analytical Job Evaluation Scheme

Equal Pay Claims

Most successful Equal Pay claims occur as a result of the company not using an analytical Job Evaluation Scheme to measure job size, and therefore jobs have been assigned to salaries or pay grades incorrectly. This can lead to unequal pay for jobs that should be paid the same rates.

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a systematic process for defining the relative worth or size of jobs or roles within an organisation in order to establish internal relativities and provide the basis for designing a fair and equitable grade and pay structure.
This leads to ensuring that all staff doing the same weight or worth of job are being paid the same rate, regardless of gender.

Equal Pay for Equal Value – the Legal Position

If an employer wishes to defend an equal pay claim, equal pay legislation requires the job evaluation study to have been done by an analytical method, i.e. the study should have been undertaken with a view to evaluating ‘in terms of the demands made on a worker under various headings (for instance, effort, skill, decision, complexity etc.)’.
The employer must demonstrate the absence of sex bias in the job evaluation scheme, and jobs will be held to be covered by a job evaluation scheme only if they have been fully evaluated using the scheme’s factors. Slotting whole jobs against benchmarks is insufficient.

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