Competence / Behaviour Frameworks

For many organisations, specific competence and behaviour frameworks lead to success, based not just on staff meeting objectives, but on how staff behave whilst meeting the objective e.g. customer service, communication, ownership, teamwork, decision making.

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The terms competence and behaviour are looked at together because an organisation needs individuals who can not only do the job they are employed to do but also, they need to be able to display the types of behaviour sought by the company whilst doing that job. Competences can ensure the right amount of work is done and to the right technical standard but behaviours show the way an individual acts or conducts oneself. Basically, it’s how as well as what work is done.

Good performance at work comes from a mix of key skills, behaviours and attitudes and all of these can be tailored to your objectives and culture of your organisation. There are many types of competence and competence frameworks however the simplest and most effective has 4 or 5 behaviours for staff (such as teamwork, creativity, customer service etc.) maybe 7 or 8 for managers (same ones as staff plus leadership etc), and 9 or 10 for Senior Managers or Directors (same ones as staff and managers plus for example strategic direction etc).

Ashworth Black can design your Competence / Behaviour Framework to suit the type of company you are or would like to be, your culture and values, whilst demonstrating clearly the standards of behaviours you would expect of your employees and your business requires to be successful.

Competence and behaviour frameworks can be linked to bespoke performance management schemes, which in turn can increase performance and productivity. Increasingly the best performing organisations are linking performance management and competence frameworks to recognition schemes and having a joined up approach to pay, behaviours, culture and productivity.

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