Royal College of General Practitioners: Not for profit

Employing around 350 staff across 200 roles, the Royal College of General Practitioners is the membership body of family doctors, committed to delivering excellence in general practice and patient care, in the UK and overseas.

rcgp-logoAshworth Black was appointed by the Royal College of General Practitioners in February 2009. Its objective was to conduct a review of the College’s pay and benefits package in line with its existing people strategy, which aimed to implement a reward system that was flexible, market related and reflected the culture of the organisation.

Ashworth Black undertook a comprehensive review of pay and reward including:

  • Design of a bespoke analytical job evaluation scheme
  • Training of the job evaluation committee
  • Along with the job evaluation committee evaluating all jobs
  • Conducting a salary and benefit benchmarking exercise of all roles
  • Designing a fair pay structure
  • Reviewing current trends in pay and reward in the not for profit sector
  • Researching variations in regional pay across UK

Following Ashworth Black’s review and implementation of an analytical job evaluation scheme, the College is now well placed to meet business objectives as well as defend any equal pay claim.

Training of the job evaluation committee has equipped the College to manage its pay structure should new jobs require evaluation.

The new pay structure and pay progression system drives high performance, maintains high staff morale and retention rates, yet gives the College more control over its salary budget.

Ashworth Black continues to work closely with the Royal College of General Practitioners to provide training and salary benchmarking, as well as ongoing HR job evaluation, given potential conflicts of interest which could arise.

On implementation in 2010, Sandi West, HR Director of the Royal College of General Practitioners said:

“It was really helpful to work with Ashworth Black. Their knowledge and experience of pay and reward systems was fundamental, particularly due to the complexity and scale of the project. The end result was successful, protecting the College, much more than previous systems”.

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