Reviewing and Revising a School’s Approach to Teachers’ Pay

As we discussed on our last blog there are major changes ahead for teachers’ pay in England and Wales. The main changes to the existing system are:

  • Removing pay progression based on length of service and linking all pay progression to performance
  • Giving schools the option of increasing individual teachers’ pay at different rates based on their performance
  • Replacing the current threshold test for progression from the main to the upper pay range with new simpler criteria
  • Discontinuing the current Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and Excellent Teacher (ET) designations and creating a new pay range for leading practitioners whose primary purpose is to model and lead the improvement of teaching skills
  • Giving schools more freedom to determine starting salaries of teachers new to the school
  • Removing any obligation on schools when recruiting to match a teacher’s existing salary.

Linking pay progression to performance

Performance-related pay progression enables schools to recognise and reward a teacher’s performance through an increase in pay. It can act as an incentive for continuous improvement. This is true with all organisations. Pay linked to performance increases the productivity and profitability of an organisation whilst encouraging desired behaviours from more motivated and engaged employees.

Ashworth Black have years of experience in designing and implementing performance related pay and performance management systems which will continuously improve the performance of the individual and the organisation and thus lead to targets being achieved and a highly motivated and developed workforce.

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