Performance Pay System – Contribution Pay – Part II

Last week we explained that there are many different performance pay systems and after pay increases or pay range movements, the next most common type is:

Principle 2 : Performance Pay or Contribution Pay

Performance Pay – rewards colleagues for how they perform against their objectives. Performance pay is seen as a one dimensional system.

Contribution Pay – rewards colleagues for how they perform against their objectives and how developed/capable they are. Contribution pay is based on the theory that a fully competent colleague would be expected to fulfil all responsibilities/objectives of the role whereas a new or developing colleague would only be expected to achieve fewer or less complex objectives or lower targets/measures. Whereas a “master” or expert in the role would be expected to achieve additional or more complex objectives than that required of the basic role. Contribution pay is a two dimensional system.

Generally speaking, best practice dictates that if the company has a development focus, is keen to help employees realise their maximum potential and has development plans in place for employees then contribution pay is chosen over performance pay.

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