Performance Management

A simple way of explaining Performance Management is “If everyone in your organisation was developed to meet the knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience requirements of the job and were performing well, how successful would the organisation be?”

The organisation should at least be meeting it’s business objectives. This simple statement is the reason why almost all of the successful organisations have a performance management system.

Performance Management Charts

Performance Management systems can be tailored to specific business objectives and behaviours. These bring benefits to the organisation, the managers and the staff; such as efficiency savings, improved reputation, fully trained, developed and valued staff, improved management skills, feedback culture etc.

The Ashworth Black approach to Performance Management supports the manager and the individual in achieving the above.  It defines successful contribution in relation to what is achieved and how it was achieved, as well as how developed and skilled the individual is.  The process of Performance Management has to be adapted to the manager and individuals’ style, and should be something that becomes part of what is done every day in an organisation.

Ashworth Black have had years of experience in designing and implementing successful systems for organisations in different sectors, as well as training managers to develop the skills to use them. These systems are tailored specifically to meet the needs and culture of the organisation and whether or not the system is linked to pay. Performance management though is not just about what amount of work is done, it is also about how it is done; in other words how the members of staff behave.  Ashworth Black can suggest Competence or Behaviour standards relevant to your various grades of staff within your particular organisation (e.g. customer service, teamwork, creativity, innovation, leadership, strategic thinking etc.), which can be tailored to and incorporated into these systems.

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